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The Workshop Toolbox
Nine drawers of storage in this 2-piece toolbox give you a place for everything


Step 19: Mount the hardware. Clamp the top lid to the box and attach the hinges and latches.

Drop the 3/16" steel rods into the locking holes until they bottom out into the shallow holes in the bottom front trim piece (P). Mark them at about 1/2" to 9/16" above the top of the front face (B). Remove the rods and place the marked ends in a metal-jawed vise with the marks flush with the top of the vise jaws . Head the rod ends with a propane torch to soften them and bend the ends over to a 90-degree angle, forming a short "L" on the end of each rod.

Using a small chisel or rat-tail rasp, cut a 1/4" to 3/8" deep by 1/4" wide notch on the INSIDE (or back side) only of the front face (B). The "L" ends of the rods will slip into these notches when they're dropped into the locking holes -- then the box lid will be shut and locked, holding the locking rods down, locking all drawers shut. It's important that these notches NOT be cut through the front of the front face (B).

Final Assembly
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Step 20: Final touches. Remove all hardware and finish sand the project inside and out. Apply the finish of your choice and enjoy.



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