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The Workshop Toolbox
Nine drawers of storage in this 2-piece toolbox give you a place for everything

Step 6: Cut 1/2" wide by 1/4" deep dadoes in the undersides of the compartment bottom (G) and the base top (S) to accept the drawer partitions (J & T). See the DRAWER PARTITION LAYOUT for details. Use your dado accessory to create these dadoes.

Step 7: Drill the box bottom (H) and base top (S), then counterbores to accept the T-Nut fasteners that will hold the main box to the base. To ensure proper alignment, clamp the two pieces together and drill both at the same time. A total of four T-Nuts will be required and each should be positioned about 2" in from the ends, fronts and backs of pieces H & S. Exact positioning is not critical, as long as all four holes align when drilled.

Drawer Partition Layout Box to Base Connection
Front Layout 2
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Drill the 1/4" by 2-3/4" deep locking rod holes in the front face (B) and the front trim pieces (E & P)...centered from front-to-back (See FRONT LAYOUT and TYPICAL DRAWER CONSTRUCTION drawings for detail). The holes in pieces B, E, & P must align perfectly so the locking rods can slide freely into position. You'll drill the mating holes in the drawer fronts later. NOTE: The locking rod hole in the bottom front trim piece (P) should be a stop hole, going only half-way through piece P.

Step 8: Assemble drawer partitions by first gluing the trim pieces (D & Q) to the fronts of the partitions (J & T). Glue the trim pieces (E & P) to the fronts of pieces H & S. Sand all trim pieces flush with the plywood.

Glue all of the drawer glides (F & R) into the partitions (J & T) and the sides (A & N), as shown in the drawings. Be careful to remove all excess glue squeeze-out.

Step 9: Chisel out the rabbets that will accept the trim strips (E & P) in the top and bottom of the base sides (N)...and in the bottom of the tool box sides (A). Chisel out the notches for the partitions (J & T) in the lower edge of the front face (B) and the front trim strip (P). See PARTITION ASSEMBLY detail.

Step 10: Attach partition assemblies into the compartment bottom (G) and base top (S), using glue and #8 x 1-1/4" flathead wood screws. See PARTITION ASSEMBLY detail.

Step 11: Dry assemble the box. (NOTE: The lid will be cut from the box later) Working with the box upside-down, clamp the front and back faces (B & C) to the top (K)...then clamp the box sides (A) to this assembly. Slide the compartment bottom/partition assembly in from back -- and slide the bottom (H) in from the front.

Insert the back (L) from the bottom. Remove the clamps from the top to clamp the box sides (A) to the bottom (H). Turn the box right-side-up and check for squareness and fit.

For final assembly, allow the glue to set up on the top (K), front (B) and back (C) faces...then assemble the box sides (A) and bottom (H) to the top assembly before continuing with the assembly.

Partition Assembly Drawer Construction
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Glue the four glue blocks (M) into position in the upper compartment before sliding-in the partition assembly. Glue all parts in place.

Attach the back (L) to the partitions and bottom with glue and brads. Attaching the back in this fashion will help keep the box and partitions rigid


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